You are a prisoner of the silence....

...until the sound sets you free. be clear....
Hello friends and people who lurk around!
It's been a while since my last post. I've been reading all my posts on my journal and I'm surprised of how my life changed over those years.
When I started to post here it was because I wanted to improve my English, since it is not my native language I wanted to be able to communicate myself in a way that everybody here could understand. In this great path of life I 've met lots of great people that now are parts of my f-list here.
Part of this rant it's because people that I never met before posted impolite comments on my journal. So now  I'm thinking if I should make this journal friends only.
I know that I'm not the queen of LJ, and that my post aren't very bright, but  I'm starting to erase comments of people that have nothing to do than criticize me or spam me.
I have to say that I'm a very friendly person. I like meeting people from other countries and share stuff and everything. Through my writing I met other fantastic writers that really helped me improve this language that I honestly love. And with my whole heart I don't want to change that.
So far...all that I've posted here are daily stuff of my life, and some fiction.  I want to keep posting; some of my post are locked, some not,  but  I'm having serious issues about privacy.
If you want to have an honest friendship with me, I have no problems in add you to my f-list and share with you my life.
But I won't tolerate impoliteness on MY journal.
I hope that you all understand.
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